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February 13, 2019

Anytime I am down doing family portraits at Barnegat Light, I always have such a good evening! This particular evening was no different. I tell you guys often how special my clients are to me – but honestly it’s impossible to really put into words how true that is. This session is a prime example. Just before this session (literally, just before – as in… on the ride down) I was dealing with some very unpleasant issues involving someone who had hit my truck (and then decided to completely ignore me) that led to someone calling me threatening me – that led to me filing a police report (note to everybody – if you are ever involved in an accident just call the police and make your life easier. I know it stinks to go through insurance – but I have officially learned my lesson after this one). Either way – I had been having a pretty rough day.

Honestly – all I wanted to do was make it down to my session to relax. I know that sounds odd. People are like – but you work as a photographer! That’s work! Well. Yes. But I literally enjoy every session so much that I look forward to each and every one, and it really is my ‘happy place’ so regardless of what is happening in my personal life, I am always ready and willing to show up to your session because it is an escape for me.

This particular session was with a favorite family of mine – so I had all the more reason to be excited to get there! It helps that these two boys are little models (no… really) so they are super easy to shoot. How much does Keelan look like a tiny executive taking an important call on his cell?

Location: Barnegat Light, New Jersey

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