Lavallette Family Beach Photos | Kids Portraits

December 14, 2018

I may have been born on Island Beach State Park (just kidding – I wasn’t, but I was brought there by boat literally my entire life so I guess that counts for something, right?) but Lavallette is still close to my heart. Ironically despite this beach being a mere 20 minutes away from my home, I didn’t end up on it much until I was an adult. Pro Tip: Lavallette doesn’t check beach badges until around July, so if you’re looking for a freebie beach up to that point – this one is for you!

These kiddos had so much personality! I absolutely love doing portraits of kids, and it is even better when they are able to really relax in front of the camera and just be themselves. The candid photos of children doing what children do always end up being my favorites from any family portrait session that I do. The beach is such an easy place to get those types of photos, too – because what is better than playing with sand, shells, and the sea? I’m not going to lie to you – at around 80% of my sessions somebody gets inadvertently a little wetter than they intended (spoiler alert: sometimes it’s me) – but it’s always worth it!

We got an absolutely amazing pastel sky for this family session so it’s definitely one  you don’t want to miss!

Location: Lavallette, New Jersey

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