Long Beach Island, New Jersey Photographer | Beach Haven

July 25, 2018

Long story short, I get to hang out with adorable families on the beach and play with super cute kids for my job. Is there honestly anything better than that?

I kicked off my family beach portrait season a little early this year (in the end of May as opposed to mid-June) and I was so happy that I did, because I was able to have some really gorgeous evenings out on the beach before the crowds hit! While everyone always sees beach portraits and thinks that they are easy to get, that is actually totally not the case! While shooting on the beach can be the best thing ever, it can also swing quickly to be the most challenging thing ever. Even the slightest amount of wind (or the wrong wind – hello flies) can totally change a session. There can be fog, heavy surf, salt water spraying everywhere – you name it and I’ve experienced it!

Fortunately for me (and for this family and their adorable baby girl) this particular evening was perfect. There was just the right amount of wind, and perfect golden light. Definitely how I would describe my perfect evening on the beach!

I am so fortunate that I get to meet so many families who are vacationing at the Jersey Shore. I love being able to meet people when they are here, and give them all the good places to go eat and hang out while they’re visiting. I’m always hopeful that my photos will bring them back to a great time on the beach every single time that they look at them!

My photography experience is centered around you, and bringing your unique story to life through vibrant, joyful, honest, and elevated images.

...former librarian, dog enthusiast, and most importantly so very proud to say that I get to do my actual dream job for a living. 

Photography has always been my passion, and a profession I have always felt so honored to be able to call my own. 


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