Ocean County Photographer | Engagement Photos at Double Trouble State Park with an Awesome Vintage Pick-Up Truck

December 31, 2017

When Alyssa first contacted me about doing her and Jason’s engagement photos, she mentioned two things that seriously had me ridiculously stoked. The first, was that she loves dogs and is a vet. She actually went to vet school in Grenada, and I’ve gotta say that I am ridiculously jealous. These two are actually going to tie the knot down there, and I really can’t say that I blame them. The other awesome thing, was that they wanted to do some photos with their vintage teal Chevy pick-up. I am all kinds of into cars, especially vintage ones. We can forget for just a moment that the truck is teal, which is basically my most favorite color, and my official ‘Kelly Sea’ color.
We started our photos at Double Trouble State Park, and I had a spot in mind a bit down the road where I figured we could pull the truck in and maybe even get some nice golden backlight, too – since the sun was falling. We pulled in, and things were great! I had some visions of the truck in different angles, so Jason got in it to move it around a little for the next set of photos. Wouldn’t you know it, the truck just did not want to start. Just wasn’t having it. We paused the session for a second for them to call AAA, and then made the best of the angle that we had to get some more killer photos.
As a last ditch effort, it was suggested that I hop in the truck and we try to pop the clutch. So everybody else pushed the truck and on the second try, we got her started! Jason was able to call AAA back and let them know that we didn’t need assistance anymore, and we all felt pretty badass. I mean. These two are badass all by themselves, but the truck adventure really just added some points. I loved Alyssa’s unique engagement ring (please check out her bling below), and that these two were so playful and adorable together. Seriously the best!
Location: Double Trouble State Park, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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