Hamilton New Jersey, Photographer | Snowy Engagement at Grounds for Sculpture

December 29, 2017

The idea of doing a photo session in the snow is always a nice one to have. You think that everything is going to be all white and gorgeous, and that everyone will just be able to walk through the snow and not actually be that cold. Maybe a snowball fight will ensue. Snow angels. You know, just all the good fun stuff and none of the unpleasantness.
Well. It is a fantastic idea in theory, but the reality is a little less warm and cozy and a lot more wet. I always seem to forget exactly how wet snow is, until I am smack in the middle of it. I knew a couple of days before this session that it looked like we were going to have snow. I was pretty excited because I knew we were going to be doing the engagement session at Grounds for Sculpture, which is an epic location in itself. I was reasonably sure that adding snow to something already that epic was basically going to produce a unicorn. And I was right.
What none of us were planning on was freezing hands, wet feet and hair, and essentially becoming some form of human popsicles. I have shot in cold temperatures before, and knew that cameras become frozen blocks of ice if you are using them outside in the cold for a length of time – so my beloved 1dx Mark II may/may not have given me frostbite. However. The combination of these two lovebirds, actively falling snow, and the absolutely stunning Grounds for Sculpture was well worth any loss of feeling in my fingertips. Sessions like this one are one of the many reasons that I shoot only with top of the line pro gear. Despite the elements, I knew that my camera gear was weatherproofed and would not fail me.
The falling snow also allowed us to have the entire park to ourselves. Having free reign of the entire place without any other guests was pretty darn awesome.
I also won’t deny it, but afterward Ray and I stopped into Rats Restaurant for lunch and I may or may not have had several glasses of hot apple cider with Fire Jack thrown into the mix to warm up.
Location: Grounds for Sculpture

Source: Kelly

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