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September 3, 2017

Alyssa and Craig were seriously so perfect at this session, and everyone who passed by knew it. No joke, Alyssa got told how beautiful she looked at least 8 times by passerby. I was thrilled that this session got to happen at all, because the day it was originally scheduled ended up being a weather nightmare.
We had attempted to keep the shoot scheduled despite a bit of rain and wind earlier in the day. It seemed like things might hold out for us and we would be able to continue on anyway. No dice. When I got to Lavallette there was an enormous shelf cloud looming in the distance, complete with random lightning strikes and a heckuva south wind. Alyssa and Craig were on their way down from West Orange and had to turn around. I was heartbroken for her, and so hoped that we would be able to schedule a rain date option!
Three days later we were able to get together in Lavallette just as she wanted, and I am so happy that she did! Alyssa came with her hair and make-up impeccably styled, as well as the most perfect pink dress with matching pink flower belt. She also had the most adorable pair of pink baby flip flops ever. We braved a bit of wind on the boardwalk in Lavallette, and even snuck out to the beach just a bit to still get the ocean feels without all the blowing hair.
I thought that things might be a bit quieter on the bayside, so we headed over to Centennial Park for sunset. Sure enough, the wind was just light enough that we were able to comfortably get some photos in front of the bay! It’s always so nice living in a place where I have easy access to two different bodies of water.
Congratulations on your new addition, Alyssa and Craig!!
Location: Lavallette, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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