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September 13, 2017

I’m literally not sure where to even start with this blog, because Jennifer and Craig are seriously just that amazing. I always love it when clients have visions for their photos, and I am so happy that I was able to make Jenn and Craig’s vision come to life! When I first met the pair of them and we sat down to chat about their wedding, I knew a few things. The first was that they were crazy, madly in love, and the second was that photos meant a lot to them. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for more perfect clients!
Craig is a surfer, and the beach is totally his jam, while Jenn loves the beach, she also had a vision for a sunflower engagement. After a bit of looking around, we found an epic spot. I was a bit nervous that the sunflowers wouldn’t be in season and might be wilting – but they could not have been more perfect! We selected two locations for their engagement session that would reflect each of them. I was optimistic that the spots were close enough that we could accomplish both!
I am not kidding you, when I tell you that we got these sunflower photos in about 12 minutes. Jenn and Craig slow danced in the sunflower field and I was basically wiping tears off my face behind my camera because it was that beautiful. If you guys need proof that true love exists, I’m pretty sure all you’re going to have to do is look at these photos. Nicholas Sparks, eat your heart out.
After the sunflower field, we sped over to Ocean Gate to get a beachy feel and dig our toes in the sand. Once again these two were incredible and I got the photos I needed in no time flat. I cannot wait for their 2018 wedding at Pat’s 30 Acres!!
Location: Ocean Gate, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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