South Jersey Maternity Photographer | Gorgeous Sunset Beach Maternity Session

August 27, 2017

So often when you think of beach photos, you automatically think ‘ocean.’ I totally get this, and the ocean is beautiful at all – but I can never quite ignore the quiet allure of the bay. Not only do you run a better chance of getting a nice evening (you’ll be a bit less susceptible to the wind, depending on location), but you can also sometimes get the ‘sunset over the water’ look if you pick your spot correctly.
There are so many hidden gem bay beaches in New Jersey, but Ocean Gate has got to be one of my favorites. It’s definitely one of the locations that I always keep in my back pocket for clients that come to me seeking location advice. I have never had a session in Ocean Gate that I didn’t end up totally obsessed with. Aside from the sand and water, there are several other features that make it such a cool spot for photos.
No matter how many sessions I do in Ocean Gate (and trust me, there have been many) I feel like they all always look different because there are so many different awesome spots available. Not to mention that something interesting always happens (my clients have been serenaded, cheered on by onlookers, and had marriage proposed, just to name a few).
Either way, Ocean Gate aside – I seriously have such a soft spot for maternity sessions, because expectant Mamas are so gorgeous! Beach maternity sessions are always some of my favorites, especially for sunset – because not only is the Mama-to-be glowing, but the light usually is as well. When you have a combo like that, you seriously just can’t go wrong with your photos. Lauren also nailed this wardrobe, because I was swooning over the colors in this session.
If you have a maternity session coming up, definitely check this post out for outfit inspiration!
Location: Ocean Gate, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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