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There are so many super special things about my job, so I feel like I’m always saying how everything is my favorite. From family sessions to weddings and everything in between, the truth is that I seriously love every single photo that I get the opportunity to take. All of that being said, proposals hold a special place in my heart.
When James contacted me about the proposal he had planned for Christine, and asked if I was available to be there and take photos – I got so excited. Not only is it super thoughtful when a guy thinks to hire a photographer, but when we spoke on the phone I could hear how excited he was to spend the rest of his life with this woman. He knew they were going to be in Barnegat Light State Park (which is a location I love), but we ended up talking quite a bit about just the right location within the park.
I always get super nervous that an innocent onlooker is going to block my shot, so I definitely wanted to get he and Christine to a location where we could still get all the lighthouse feels, the perfect golden light that I wanted, and limit the amount of folks who would be milling around. James mentioned the beach right in front of the lighthouse, and I knew that it would be perfect!
Looking casual while waiting for a proposal you know is going to happen can be difficult – but fortunately the lighthouse is a super popular spot for photography anyway so we didn’t look that out of place. It is always so amazing to me that I get to be present on some of the biggest days of my clients lives and it is an honor that I truly take to heart. Thank you James for having me along on this adventure!!
Location: Barnegat Light State Park, New Jersey

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