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June 2, 2017

This post is a little different, but I wanted to touch on something that I feel like I get asked a lot as a photographer! While it’s tough enough to decide what to wear on your wedding – it can sometimes be even more difficult to decide what to wear for your engagement photos! So – from a photographer’s standpoint, here are my tips for rocking out your engagement session!
1. Be comfortable.
That dress that looks good but kind of rides up? Nope. That top that you have to keep on adjusting because your bra straps show (I’m pretty sure we all own one of these)? Also a nope. Pick clothing that’s comfortable, but also behaves. You ultimately want something that you’re not going to have to worry about shifting, bunching up strangely, or showing things you don’t want shown! My best advice is to buy your outfit for your session, and then have a date night out to give it a test run. If you feel comfortable all night long and are not adjusting your outfit – it might be a keeper!

2. Be you.
You’d never consider wearing a romper? Don’t pick one for your session! Not only do you want your clothing to be physically comfortable, but you also want it to make you feel confident and comfortable. Pick an outfit that will make you feel like the best version of you. It will show in the photos!

3. Pick two.
I am a huge advocate of an outfit change mid-session! I always tell my clients to go casual for one outfit, and then glam it up for the other. Think casual picnic for one outfit, and go as glam as you’d like for the other! Just remember – if your glam outfit includes heels, we should probably move our shoot away from the beach (boardwalk anyone?).

4. Consider your environment.
If we are shooting on the beach (which I super love doing), pick footwear that’s right for the location. As much as we all love heels, they just won’t work on the beach. Plan to go barefoot or get some cute flip-flops you won’t mind in photos.

5. Complement, but don’t match.
Matching is so 1990. Pick colors that will complement each other but not match. Selecting clothing within the same color family will help give your engagement session a cohesive look without screaming 1992.

6. Wear colors and layers.
I personally love pastels and will always recommend them to my clients. However – it is ok to wear other colors, too! Colors and layers can help to add visual interest to your shoot. Patterns are great too – just avoid tiny stripes.

I hope this helped! I always love when my clients reach out to me for wardrobe advice for their engagement and family sessions! Clothing can really matter for photos – so I love to help my clients select the right items.

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