Hamilton Township, NJ Photographer | Gorgeous Spring Engagement Session

May 26, 2017

If you know me, you know that I am totally obsessed with animals. I have a small dog named Buttercup that is essentially my whole world (aside from photography) and jump at any chance I have to be able to help out critters. Therefore, it was a no brainer that I team up with Associated Humane Popcorn Park, and donate something to their gift auction. I typically donate a shoot every year, but last year I had wanted to do something extra special. I decided to donate an entire wedding’s worth of photography to their yearly gift auction. Yup – that’s right. A complete wedding collection.
It was a little nerve wracking, but Ray even agreed to go to the gift auction with me so we could meet the winners (even though it was his birthday). I was super nervous. Would the couple that won like me? Usually I get to know my couples before they book with me, so I was very self conscious.
When I finally got to meet Corissa and Ryan – they were such a relief! Not only were they a perfect match for me, but I felt like I had known them for years. I could not believe how much I had lucked out that they had won the wedding! They also picked a supremely gorgeous venue for their nuptials – The Gramercy in Hazlet, NJ. So, the animals won, and I won.
Corissa and I both agreed that spring blooms were the way to go for their engagement shoot, so I suggested Sayen Gardens in Hamilton Township, New Jersey – because it is stunning all times of year – but especially in spring! We once again lucked out and got an absolutely perfect evening with the trees in full bloom.
I could probably go on and on – but honestly I just want you to see these photos.
Location: Sayen House and Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, NJ

Source: Kelly

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