Nautical Summer Wedding at Hotel LBI

March 22, 2024

If you look at the very first photos in this post – you’ll know how perfect a match I was for this wedding! I have never gotten to use nautical rope in detail photos before and I was so thrilled to see it in my bag of items! The vibe was nautical but classic, and I loved every special touch! Courtney and Billy also have the sweetest dog (and Courtney’s parents actually have a sibling of their pup) – so I was a little jealous my second photographer got to hang out with the puppers.

As summer days sometimes do, this day had heavy thunderstorms in the forecast. I was fairly optimistic we were going to get away with everything, until just after the ceremony when we were getting into the trolly to head to the beach. The sky got black and there was a storm coming. We were committed, so we went to the beach anyway and we all literally ran to try to beat it. A part of me wishes there was behind the scenes of this, but another part of me is relieved there isn’t. You can see in the portrait photos below when the dark clouds had rolled in – we even had some groomsmen standing watch holding umbrellas just in case.

Long story short it was a little dicey there for a few minutes – but we got it done!

We got rewarded later on in the evening, when the sky opened up and we had just enough break in the clouds for some nice golden light to shine thru and we had a killer sunset up on the roof deck at Hotel LBI!

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Hotel LBI | Make-Up: Isabella Lucia | Hair: Meghan Kelly | Stationary: Illustrated Invitation | Band: Bachelor Boys Band | Transportation: ShooBoo Shuttle

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