Blush Pink Wedding at The Palace at Somerset

March 15, 2024

Ahhhh Anna and Brian! Love these two and their incredible vibe. From Anna icing the groomsmen, to every parent getting picked up at some point during the reception, the party was no joke. We had so much fun with this day, and the light and weather were absolutely perfect. I loved Anna’s color palette and bridal look. So elegant and timeless!

They have such a sweet proposal story – I’m going to let Anna tell it in her own words.

‘Brian had been telling me for a week he made me something, and I had no idea what it possibly could have been. Come that day, he gave me a scrapbook that he made filled with pictures of us and letters that he had written to me over the years, that I had never read before that day. The scrapbook was in chronological order, and it was the most thoughtful, beautiful gift I’ve ever received. No surprise there, though – Brian is the most thoughtful person I know. I had no idea there was more in store. We then got ready to go to Bird and Betty’s on LBI for lunch, but they were closed, so we went to Tucker’s instead. After lunch, we went for a walk on the beach to kill time before our dinner plans later. I found a perfectly intact scallop shell in the sand, which isn’t typical. They’re always half broken, so I was excited about that (It’s the little things!). Then, he finally pulled out “one last letter” while we were on the beach, which he talked all about spending the rest of our lives together. He then got down on one knee, I saw our family members walking towards us in the background, I said ‘what are you doing’ and then obviously said ‘YES!’. We popped some champagne on the beach and celebrated. We got back to my house and all of our best friends were waiting there to celebrate with us. It was hands down the BEST day of my life!’

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: The Palace at Somerset | Florals: The Flower Station | Videography: Bucket List Films | Make – Up: La Belle Visage | Hair: Vanessa Andrea Beauty & Co | DJ: JB Pro Live

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