Classic Winter Wedding at Renault Winery

January 19, 2024

Amanda and Seth had the most magical December wedding day at Renault Winery’s stunning Champagne Ballroom! It’s so rare to get perfect weather for a wedding – and even rarer when that perfect weather happens in December. It was the day before New Year’s Eve. 2022, and holy cow did we get lucky! I remember shooting all the outdoor photos sans jacket and blazer, which is saying a lot for me because I am one of those people that just does not handle the cold well.

There were so many special touches throughout the day – one of my favorites was Amanda’s recreation of her grandmother’s bouquet, which she had in addition to her more modern bouquet. Her grandmother’s bible was wrapped into the handle of the recreation, and I love that she was able to incorporate something special in such a unique way.

Subtle winter decor mixed with classic elegance, and the bridesmaids gowns were emerald green. It is so refreshing to see a more unique color for bridesmaids gowns!

I’ll let Amanda tell her and Seth’s love story because she definitely does it best!

“Once upon a time, in a jail close to home, Amanda had locked herself out of her office. She had just started a new job as a counselor. As she struggled to get into the locked office, a hero, appeared to save the day. He wore a classic blue officer’s uniform and was thoroughly amused that she was most certainly, locked out! He offered his gallant help and saved her from utter embarrassment. She thanked him with a smile, and he was off. Days and weeks passed and he would pop in and sit and chat for awhile. A fondness grew amongst the two. One day, an incident happened where a formal report had to be filed. Amanda had no idea where to begin. Once again, the handsome officer came to her rescue. In short, the report was filed. That night, Amanda didn’t mind staying late, as she got to know Seth a bit better. Finally, he gave her his phone number, but although she knew he wanted to date, she kept it strictly professional. This love story began with texting, and then talking, and then finally, one morning, Amanda invited him to join her for breakfast. It was the catapult to their love story, and now they are ready to spend forever, happily ever after.”

Creative Team:

Venue: Renault Winery | Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Floral: Pocket Full of Posies | Bride’s Gown: L’amour | Bridal Shoppe: Grey Collective Bridal | Hair: Dazzlz Hair Salon | DJ: DJ Experts, DJ Mike West

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