Summer Wedding at Windows on the Water at Frog Bridge

April 1, 2022

I think my favorite part about writing these blog entries is getting to go back and go thru wedding photos. When I was going thru these to get some picked out for this blog, I remember how ridiculously stupidly hot it was on this date. I think it was mid-June, and I remember pulling up and we sat in the car with the AC on until the absolute last minute. I love the heat – but I think it was high 90’s. I also remembered how Toni-Ann and Alex took it all in stride, how everyone used portable fans to try to keep cool, how they used adorable photos of their Frenchy Tucker on their tables, how poor Toni-Ann’s feet were basically bleeding from her shoes, but that she was all smiles and gorgeous anyway, and just all the insanely good vibes from family and friends even though let’s be real, we all lost about 10 pounds in water weight on this day. I love seeing the photos because you remember all of those little moments when you see them, and those little moments are what really make up a wedding day.

I don’t know how it’s possible that I continually meet the absolute best people, and get to hang out with them on their wedding days, but it just keeps happening, and I am going to go with it. I got into this job because I love to take photos (and that still holds true) – but the real, unexpected gift has been the relationships and bond that I get to form with all of you.

Windows on the Water at Frog Bridge is a really gorgeous, hidden gem of a venue. It is mostly outdoors, and has gorgeous views, tons of property, and magical light around sunset. I feel like it’s one of those sleeper hits, and anytime I shoot here I always tell myself ‘I have to shoot more weddings here’ because it is always just such a pretty day. Just wait until you see Toni-Ann and Alex’s portraits, and Toni-Ann’s wings!! I have to say, if wings are the new veil – COUNT. ME. IN.

I’m going to let Toni-Ann tell you how these two met in her own words:

It all started out on the HHS football field – well, not really. While we did go to the same high school, it wasn’t until years later that we had a connection. For a short period of time, we would come across each other at Orangetheory, but that was short lived because of a ‘knee injury’ that didn’t allow Alex to work out. Little did he know that just a few months later, it would be me who would be nursing him through an actual knee surgery. We can credit our common love of football for bringing us together. Both coming from ‘football families’ there was never an introduction to be made, our families already knew each other! (Flashback to the time my dad approached Alex in a store by pulling out his earbuds, needless to say, I was embarrassed!) Now we all get to enjoy football together, most of the time with Alex on the field coaching, and the rest of us cheering on the coach. From moving in together, a fur baby, an engagement, then buying a house, things have moved quite quickly in the last few years. Now here we are! We are excited for this new chapter and are so happy to share it with our family and friends!

Alex proposed to me at the beach, IN DECEMBER! It was about 60 degrees and he made me get dressed for church and then take the dog for a walk at the beach. It is a very quiet, private beach in Rye, NY. Next thing I knew, he was getting down on one knee, and the best part is our dog, Tucker was there with us! My two best friends Tessa and Marissa came out from behind some bushes far away, also at the same time that I spotted the photographer. It took me a little while to soak it all in and say yes, but of course I did!

Creative Team:

Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: Windows on the Water at Frogbridge | Florals: Bespoke Floral | Bride’s Gown: Kelly Faetanini from A Little Something White Bridal | Make-Up: Shannon & Samantha from Slay Makeup | Hair: Lindsey – Hair by LAH | Invitations: Krystel – All in the Details | DJ: Get Down Entertainment | Cake: Chocolate Carousel

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