Spring Engagement Session at Sayen Botanical Gardens

If you love spring blooms – this Sayen Gardens engagement session is going to be a favorite of yours! Sayen Gardens never disappoints – especially in spring. We happened to time these photos just right and ended up with maximum bloom, which was such a win.

If you know me at all, you know I am obsessed with spring blooms. It is such a short window of time each year, but it’s always one that I try to maximize with as many sessions as I can get in! Last year I got to do exactly 0 spring sessions (and literally began weeping into a cherry tree while walking my dog because I missed them so much – ask Ray, I am not kidding). This year I was more than happy to make up for my losses!

Jenna and Anthony are such a sweet couple, and they have the most relaxed chemistry. Anthony told me that he met Jenna when she worked for his family’s restaurant (for one day – but I will have to let them tell that story in their wedding blog post next year). I had so much fun meeting these two and soaking in all the flowering glory that was this session!

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