Vintage Snowy Engagement Session in Farmingdale, New Jersey

March 27, 2021

Ooooh you guys. When I heard Jenn’s vision for this engagement session I was so excited. While it didn’t go quite exactly as planned, she and Michael killed it in their amazing 1920’s inspired outfits, out on the side of the road in Farmingdale in a full on blizzard!

You see, we didn’t initially plan on doing this session on the side of the road. We actually planned on going to Allaire. I knew that Jenn wanted to include the trains – and we had timed this session out hoping to get some falling snow! I knew Jenn would have been ok with only have a layer of snow on the ground – but you know me. I’m extra. And if I’m doing a snowy session I always feel like I have to get the falling snow because it’s always the best part! No photoshop here, this was the real deal (you can tell by the growing accumulation on Michael’s hat)!

Either way, when I pulled up to Allaire – the gate was locked! Quickly switching gears, I knew that there was a parking lot a little ways down the road with a trail. So we met there, and I saw these amazing trees at the end of someone’s property. People driving by in a blizzard probably did not expect to see a couple in vintage outfits on the side of the road in Farmingdale! But it was totally worth it.

Jenn and Michael switched outfits halfway thru, and we finished up the photos with a special cocktail they love to drink! This one was so fun to shoot, and I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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