Golden Engagement Session on the Ocean Gate Boardwalk

February 9, 2021

Kim and Kevin are kinda my favorite. Their engagement session started out insanely foggy. I remember talking to Kim and asking her if she was still sure she wanted to go thru with it because I was genuinely worried that the fog was not going to burn off. I had a suspicion that the fog might disappear by the end of the session, and sure enough – it did! In addition to being a photographer I am also an amateur meteorologist (kidding, but also kinda not kidding because I watch the weather like a hawk and am acutely aware of it). The fog burned off just in time for some dreamy golden light along the shore of the Barnegat Bay!

This session was made extra special because I remember being so darn excited to shoot it. Kim is getting married to the (twin) brother of another one of my amazing grooms, so I already knew her and loved her. It was also May, and this engagement session was such a treat because we were all still stuck in the doldrums of the beginning of the pandemic and we genuinely had so much fun this night!

Kim and Kevin are getting married at Crystal Point in mere months and I am so freaking excited to be there with them!!

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