Picnic Style Engagement with Pizza & Wine | Long Beach Island Photographer

March 29, 2020

I absolutely love when couples make engagement sessions their own. Whatever you guys want to do, you know I’m gonna be down for it. Especially when that thing you want to do is eating pizza and drinking wine on the beach.

I always talk about how grateful I am to be a photographer and how much joy this job brings me – but this fact has been especially highlighted in these scary times while this COVID19 pandemic upends our lives. I never thought I would have a job that I missed so dearly. All I really want to do is go and shoot weddings and sessions, and this pandemic has made all of that impossible. In a sea of reschedules and uncertainty, all of my amazing couples and families have been such a source of light in my life. Not only do I get to share in your joys, but during these insanely trying times I have gotten to see just how amazing and caring you all are. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Casey and Nate are actually from California – so I hadn’t gotten to meet them in person before this session. The second they got out of their car we bonded. Immediately. I loved their laid back personalities and chill vibe. Also they toasted with pizza at this session.

For an hour on 3/13 I was just a normal photographer hanging out with an awesome couple on the beach getting incredible photos. I didn’t think of all the bad news on the internet, the statistics, or the anxiety. I just did what I love doing.

Thank you to all of you for being you. For finding me, for trusting me, and for giving me the honor of documenting your lives.

My photography experience is centered around you, and bringing your unique story to life through vibrant, joyful, honest, and elevated images.

...former librarian, dog enthusiast, and most importantly so very proud to say that I get to do my actual dream job for a living. 

Photography has always been my passion, and a profession I have always felt so honored to be able to call my own. 


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