Beach Engagement Session in Spring Lake, New Jersey

February 17, 2020

This engagement session in Spring Lake, New Jersey has all of my favorite things! There’s a perfect couple, an adorable pup, rose gold light, and perfectly chosen outfits. Win, win, win, win. I have so enjoyed getting to know Kristin and Karim (and also getting to know their whole family because I did Karim’s sister Reem’s wedding this past October). These two are so kind, considerate, and Karim also appreciates a good Mustang which is always a bonus (I have a lifelong obsession with only cars).

I loved that this pair brought their pup Kobe to the session. He was a perfect little gentleman the entire time and literally just hung out with us – choosing to be in some of the photos, and then not be in others. If you are wondering whether or not you should bring your dog to your session – my answer is always to bring your dog! Dogs bring so much fun to all of my sessions and I always love having furry friends along for the ride.

I cannot wait for next month when Kristin and Karim tie the knot at the beautiful Hamilton Manor!

Location: Spring Lake, New Jersey

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