Seaside Heights Boardwalk Engagement Session | Seaside Park Photographer

January 3, 2020

Anytime that I’m over a long New Jersey winter, I am always so happy that I can go back and revisit my summer engagement and family photo sessions – like this beauty in Seaside Heights. Ironically this session was actually pretty chilly if I remember correctly – 60 degrees is cold in May but balmy in January. Regardless we ate some ice cream and wandered around the boardwalk. The good news was that due to the weather, we had everything to ourselves.

Sarah wore the most perfect blue flowy gown and I was loving the swishing and movement! She and Troy were absolute naturals in front of the camera, and they are also the sweetest people. Sarah is also an insanely amazing graphic designer in addition to being gorgeous and fun to be around. Troy got himself a catch. Shoutout to Troy for being awesome as well – these two are truly a power couple.

I am so excited for their wedding this February at Scotland Run!

Location: Seaside Heights, New Jersey

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