Destination Wedding at Blue Vista, Randolph Kansas | Kansas Wedding Photographer

December 27, 2019

This gorgeous destination wedding takes us all the way to Randolph Kansas, to the beautiful Blue Vista. Located right on the Tuttle Creek Reservoir, the views are stunning and the venue itself is incredibly unique with breathtaking 360 degree views via a glass wall. When I saw it, I knew immediately why Brady and Brian had chosen it for their wedding.

There are many many things that I love about being a photographer. To say that this wedding encompassed them all might be the understatement of 2019. Any time that I get to travel to shoot a wedding I always feel so incredibly fortunate. Not only do I get to photograph in a unique location, but I also get to explore and visit a new part of the country or world. In this case, it was made all the more special because Kansas was where Brady grew up – so not only did I get to visit this incredible spot – but I also got a little window into Brady and Brian’s love story (they met in Manhattan, Kansas which was where I stayed for the trip).

To know Brady and Brian is to love them. Not only are they each incredibly talented, but they also have the kindest hearts Рand therefore also seem to attract the most amazing people. Each friend and family member I met at their wedding was so insanely helpful and ready to do anything they could to make sure that this day was as perfect as it could possibly be for the couple. Brian is a veterinarian, and admittedly I think we all cried just a little when Brady presented him with the boutonni̬re he had specially made for him with just a tiny bit of hair from their beloved cats.

To say that Brady is a talented florist would be doing him a disservice. If you are one of my couples you know that I rave about Brady and his floral work. He is truly a floral artist and his selections, color choices, and the shapes of his pieces are unique, beautiful, and always feel a bit more like art than simple floral arrangements. The florals at this wedding were overwhelmingly beautiful. Each attendant carried a bouquet that was gorgeous all in itself – but made to be part of a larger rainbow when all of the attendants were together. The flow of color and attention to detail on these bouquets was beyond and I really hope that my photographs do them justice.

The rainbow theme was beautifully spun throughout the day – with ribbons hung from the rafters in the Blue Vista, and each table a color of the rainbow with a matching centerpiece. Not only was this a ridiculously beautiful wedding – but it was also one of the most emotional and honest that I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.

I am so insanely fortunate that not only do I get to enjoy and photograph Brady’s talent regularly, but I also get to call he and Brian friends and truly, family. Brady and Brian – you are incredible and so is your love.

BRB – I need to go stop crying. Here are some photos of this magical day for you.


Photography: Kelly Sea Images

Venue: Blue Vista, Randolph, Kansas

Ribbon: Lion Ribbon

Florals: Brady Cole Everett

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