Engagement Session By Boat to Gull Island | Manasquan Photographer

January 23, 2019

Have I mentioned lately that I’m the luckiest photographer on earth? How many others have clients that pick heading out on a boat to an island with their dog for their engagement photos? I mean, granted – getting on a boat and going to an island with my dog tends to be what I do in my downtime anyway (Tice’s Shoal represent) – but getting to experience a new island with Sam, Jake, and Harley was so fun. If you have ever been to Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty, and stood out on the balcony, and seen a patch of land that shows up during low tide – you are looking at Gull Island. It just so happened that it was a random Tuesday evening in September, so we had it all to ourselves. Harley was thrilled.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post where I shared Same and Jake’s wedding (yes I know I am doing this all backwards) that Sam is a real life mermaid, and I believe that is especially evident here. Jake is a fisherman, and the two actually met while Sam was working at a marina. They tell the story way better than I can ever recount, so I am not going to try – but it does include Jake daring Sam to ‘try to spell his last name’ which I am going to have to agree with Sam, is not a difficult one to spell. Love you guys. <3

Anyway – please enjoy these adorable engagement photos in which I got to hang out with these two awesome people, and play with their dog on an island. Life gets no better.

Location: Gull Island

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