Colliers Mills Dusty Road Engagement Session | New Jersey Photographer

December 20, 2018

So I just want to start off by saying that this engagement session is a favorite. Not only do I love this couple (let’s be real though I seriously love all my couples), but they came to this session ready to rock. Brianna had this vision of doing her and Kyle’s engagement session in a big open field with a very country/rustic vibe. We decided on Colliers Mills. I had heard the name thrown around a lot because it’s a popular fishing spot – but I had never actually been. Fortunately I allowed myself some extra time to locate it because the first set of directions I had pointed me down around 5 miles of trail into the forest. Once Kyle and Brianna got to the spot, we went just a bit further in and it opened up into this beautiful field. I knew that we had found the spot. When I saw that Brianna was wearing the most perfect flowy dress and had opted to go barefoot for the session I knew that these photos were going to be epic.

Kyle was such a trooper, and he went through this session like a champ even though he had just had oral surgery the day before. Also I just want to point out that these two were acting like they were going to be no good at photos but in reality they completely slayed this session so hard. Despite probably stepping on about a million bugs in the field, Brianna was cool and collected (and a model) the entire time. I love that we got a couple quintessential ‘dirt road’ shots as well. Honestly – I didn’t think we had a location like this in New Jersey so I am really happy to know that it exists!

Location: Colliers Mills

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