Boho Backyard Wedding in the Marshes | Lanoka Harbor Wedding Photographer

December 11, 2018

I have been so behind with getting blogs up! Fall was very, very busy this year, and now that I have just about completed processing my weddings, I can finally get back to some blogging and showing you all of the gorgeousness that I have had the pleasure of shooting recently! This blog is actually going to take us back to July. When I was selecting images for this post I literally felt like I could smell the marshes from the photos – I miss the warm weather and being by the bay so badly! The bay and marsh are something that I truly feel are so under-appreciated in this area. Despite living bike riding distance from the marsh, I had never actually done a photo session in it prior to this wedding. I was seriously thrilled when I knew I was going to have the opportunity with Jessie and Zach.

I could not have asked for a better couple to spend this July day with. Despite a random rain storm (which caused us to pause our photos for only around 15 minutes and didn’t phase Jessie and Zach one bit) we were able to get gorgeous outdoor photos on the lagoon and near the bay all day long. One of my favorite things about backyard weddings is the chill timeline. I was able to spend so much time with Jessie and Zach just chilling out and doing relaxed portraits without worrying about being late for anything. Also – I seriously could not have asked for a better couple. These two have a way about them that just makes you feel at ease. It was very obvious that to them, the only thing that mattered on their wedding day was making things official, loving on their adorable twins, and bringing their families together. Also they picked Soulshine for one of their first dances, which is a personal favorite of mine – so I obviously knew they were my people.

Either way – that’s enough talking for now and I just want you to get to these photos.


Photographer: Kelly Sea Images

Venue: Private Residence

Florals: Sunflowers Florist

Bride’s Gown: David’s Bridal

Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden

Make-Up: The Perfect Look by Alexandria Reda

Cake: A Sweet Memory

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