Long Beach Island Proposal Photographer | Barnegat Light State Park

Wowsers. Wait until you guys see this proposal that I had the honor of shooting this past June at Barnegat Light State Park. There is nothing like a beach proposal, and Long Beach Island is just the perfect location!

Erik’s Mom had actually contacted me around a month before Erik was planning to propose to Adeola (shout out to Erik’s Mom). I had spoken with her, and she was so sweet and told me all about her son. I wasn’t 100% certain that Erik was going to reach out to me, but I really hoped he was going to. The next day, he did! I could tell that he was pretty nervous (and rightfully so) but so, so excited to propose. I always feel incredibly special when I am shooting a proposal for about a billion reasons. It is really amazing knowing that something is going to happen long before the person that it is going to happen to knows about it! I doubt that sentence made a ton of sense, but you get the idea.

I spoke with Erik in detail about the exact spot at the park that would be perfect for the proposal. I brought along Ray for an alternate viewpoint (I really believe that 2 photographers are a must for any proposal because I just like the security). As we were hanging out waiting for Erik and Adeola to arrive, I heard another proposal happening behind me. I quickly spun around and started shooting, super freaked out that it was Erik and he ha been too nervous to follow my instructions! Spoiler alert: it was just another couple that was also getting engaged. I ended up getting a couple of nice photos of them – so if you got engaged on June 29th at Barnegat Light – hit me up I have some photos!

Anyway – shortly after, Erik and Adeola came on the scene, and the proposal was absolutely gorgeous. We had an audience (as I knew we would) and of course, Adeola said yes. I later came to find out that Erik had completely designed Adeola’s rose gold sparkler (its stunning), and even bought her the dress she wore for the evening. Guys, take note.

I could not get over how easily these two photographed. It was truly a magical session, and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of such a special time for them!

Location: Barnegat Light State Park, New Jersey

  1. Andrea says:

    Beautiful photos of a moment in time that marks the beginning! I love the warmth and affection that you have captured. Quite the shocker to see two engagements!!!

  2. seraphine says:

    oh my goodness, what a beautiful engagement session. Love is all up in the air. You did an amazing job of capturing their emotions and connection.

  3. That’s such an amazing experience for this couple — being able to share photos of the proposal. Everyone will ask “How did he propose?” And Barnegat Light State Park is gorgeous.

  4. Katelyn Coughenour says:

    Love these photos! What a gorgeous couple!

  5. Nicole Manan says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful memory for those 2 to have of the day he proposed. I love the airiness of your style.

  6. Ryan says:

    Beautiful engagement proposal photos! What a gorgeous location Barnegat light house is. Congrats to the couple!

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