Spring Lake Cherry Blossom Engagement Photos | Tori & Matt Engaged

May 11, 2018

Is there anything better than cherry blossoms in Spring Lake?! From the second that I met Tori, I knew that she was my kind of girl. I loved that she had a vision for her engagement session, and I was so excited to be able to make it a reality for her!
We waited months for the cherry trees to bloom. I’m pretty sure that we also became experts on cherry trees, in the process. We sent each other photos, consistently monitored the trees (there are actually two different kinds of cherry trees that bloom at different times), and even had to take into account the location of the trees that we were going to do photos with, because Spring Lake’s blossoms came later than others. Finally, the blossoms arrived – and we were ready! Tori showed up armed with these gigantic pink and white balloons, wearing the most perfect skirt and top combo, and all my photography dreams came true.
Aside from knocking the outfits and accessories out of the park, Matt was a total pro at this session. I loved the way he looked at Tori!
We got an extra special surprise when Tori and Matt were sitting underneath a cherry tree (while my incredible assistant Lauren was shaking it to make it rain pink). A tiny, adorable white dog was walking by with her owner, and she decided to sit with Tori and Matt to smile for a couple of photos before heading out. I swear I didn’t plan it! My couples are just the coolest, so the coolest stuff always seems to happen. Mitzy’s fluff was the perfect ending for this session!
I can’t wait for Tori and Matt to tie the knot February 2019 at Doolan’s Shore Club! I know their Winter Wonderland wedding is going to be incredible!
Location: Divine Park, Spring Lake New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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