Alpaca Farm Engagement Session at Edel Haus Farm | Wall, NJ Photographer

April 26, 2018

So, alpaca farm engagements are the stuff that photographer dreams are made of. Also, these two are a dream couple and basically my photography soulmates. Is that a thing? I’m making it a thing.
Despite the fact that these photos look warm and cozy (and the alpacas also look warm and cozy) it was actually freezing. Gabriella’s feet were numb. I was wearing 3 sweatshirts. It was that kind of night. However – you would just never know that it was actually around 50 degrees in these photos, because Gabriella and Aaron were so committed to this session.
I immediately fell in love with Edel Haus Farm the second that we walked onto the property. Alpacas aside (and it is taking a lot for me to put the alpacas aside for a second) it is just a truly beautiful place. The barn is to die for. And there are so many opportunities for amazing images that it’s a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, these two were down for anything. Dancing in the middle of the road? No problem – they even threw in a dip. Sitting on an unstable fence with chicken wire? With ease. Borderline doing acrobatic lifts in a field? No problem at all. Did I mention how much I love these two?
When you have a couple as amazing as these two, the photos are bound to be absolutely amazing as well. These two are ridiculously adorable, crazy in love, and so easy to get along with that I’m pretty sure I’ve known Gabriella for like 10 years instead of a couple of months. Also they share my crazy love of farm animals (and all other animals as well) so obviously they are perfect. I cannot wait for their June 2019 wedding at The Carriage House in Galloway!
Location: Edel Haus Farm, Wall Township New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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