South Jersey Photographer | Breeana and Mark Engaged at Double Trouble State Park

December 16, 2017

Oh my goodness. Ok, you guys. So from the second that I started messaging with Breeana about her wedding, I knew that she was destined to be one of my brides! There is seriously nothing that I love more than when someone contacts me and tells me all about their wedding and we get to swoon over details and talk all things weddings. I should have known that she would amazing, because she has been best friends with another one of my amazing brides (hi, Deidre!) since they were in about 3rd grade.
It’s true that I am a wedding photographer, but I also love weddings in general, because there is something so exciting and almost electric about them. One of the things that I love most about this job is getting to hear love stories, and seeing how couples incorporate their own personal stories into the vision they have for their big day. Seriously, pure magic.
Bree and Mark came to Double Trouble State Park with me on a super cold November day (Breeana literally told me during the session that she is allergic to the cold, but she didn’t let that stop her one bit). I’d had a crazy vision of doing photos at this one location in the park that is definitely a bit of a hike. It overlooks some water, and there’s a bit of a waterfall (I realize that we’re in NJ and real waterfalls aren’t really a thing, but bear with me here). Breeana and Mark were kind enough to indulge my fantasy and walk (in heels) with me to said location. As the sun crept lower I knew that we were going to get colder and colder, but neither of them even noticed. I love that we were able to get to a more unique spot, and I am seriously so excited for these two to tie the knot next year at the Abbie Holmes Estate!
Location: Double Trouble State Park, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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