Watchung, New Jersey Photographer | Courtney & Billy Engaged

December 11, 2017

So, when Courtney contacted me one morning about wedding photography, I knew from basically the beginning that she was awesome. Within a couple hours, we were FaceTiming while she ate her first Playabowl (which, I might add – was my go-to favorite bowl, because great minds think alike). She described her wedding at Clark’s Landing to me, and I felt like we’d known each other for 10 years instead of just 2 hours. We scheduled her engagement session right then – and I was so stoked for it to come!
We did the photos at the exact spot where Billy proposed, The Watching Reservoir. I had never been before, and as we were arriving, there was – no joke – a mountain in front of us that we ended up driving right up! New Jersey is a pretty flat state, and I live in a very flat area. At first I thought that is was just clouds that looked like a mountain – but nope! Mountain. I’m sure all you Pacific Northwesterners are laughing right now, because even at its most mountainous, NJ is pretty flat – but it was really cool for me.
Anyway. The reservoir was super pretty, and we were just in time for some beautiful fall foliage. Courtney and Billy had also brought their furkid Reilly. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I love when my clients bring their pets to sessions! Billy’s Mom came too, to hang out with Reilly and get her camera ready. It was raining the day of our session, but Courtney and Billy didn’t let it bother them at all. It was such a perfect afternoon, and I can’t wait for their October 2018 wedding at Clark’s Landing!
Location: Waschung Reservoir, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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