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September 17, 2017

There are a few things that I will never turn down. These things include petting/cuddling animals of any kind, pizza, coffee, the beach, cheese of any sort, and Seaside Boardwalk engagement photos. I don’t know what it is about the boardwalk, but it just never gets old for me. Growing up, my family always headed down to Wildwood for a couple of days for our yearly vacation. I didn’t quite understand that people did the same thing to Seaside, because as far as I was concerned – that was my home. We would always go there a few times a summer, as well – and it was a favorite stop of mine as a teenager (battle of the bands at the original Beachomber was my jam).
Seaside eventually turned into about a million amazing nights in my early 20’s, bar crawling with my friends, and I always felt so lucky to live so close to a place that so many people traveled great distances to visit. There is something about the color, light, and feel of the boardwalk that just makes it a great spot for photos over and over again. I don’t even mind doing sessions there when it’s crowded – mostly because that’s kind of the charm! Jamie and Sean met at the boardwalk – so what better place to do their engagement photos?
I was a bit bummed at this session, only because we couldn’t accomplish a special ferris wheel shot quite like we’d planned (apparently the ferris wheel is not for lonely hearts, and you cannot ride in a car alone). I wasn’t able to get in the car next to Jamie and Sean, and instead had to be right in the car with them. Still wanting to do an epic ride photo, the new rollercoaster made a perfect backdrop (photo below)!
Location: The Seaside Boardwalk, New Jersey

Source: Kelly

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