Golden Hour Bicycle Engagement Photos with a Surprise Proposal

May 10, 2024

Suffice it to say – I’m obsessed with Katie and Gab.

It feels like I’ve known Gab forever – you may recognize her because she modeled for me a few times for a handful of my wild ideas – even once time for my fire and ice session idea with her now fiancĂ© Katie! When she met her match, I knew immediately this was the real deal and I could not get these two in front of my camera for this session! It got even more special when Gab told me she was going to propose to Katie mid-session.

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous (I was) but fortunately everything went off perfectly and Katie had no idea until she was facing Gab who had the ring in hand! I loved Katie’s sweet reaction, and then Gab’s reaction to her happiness. Just such a perfect pair and those emotions were just incredibly fun to photograph (you’ll see below, because it was extremely difficult for me to narrow those photos down)!

Gab and Katie are getting married at one of my favorite places – Crystal Point – and I already cannot wait!

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