Beautiful Summer Wedding at The Mill Lakeside Manor

June 15, 2023

From the second I first talked to Becca, I knew we were going to get along! We spent around an hour on the phone as I drove to a session one evening, and I was already so excited for her wedding at that moment! Fast forward to this day – and I had such a good time going thru these photos for this blog entry. From Becca’s special moments with her family and childhood dog Dev, to Becca sitting on the ground at The Mill drinking a cocktail (one of my most favorite ‘real’ moments ever) after sitting with her and Case’s doggos – this wedding is a really special one. Extra special fact: we went thru 3 priests for this wedding ceremony after several emergencies – which caused it to run a bit late (but you would never, ever know from any of these photos)!

The light at Monmouth University was absolutely magical, as was the light at The Mill for some dock photos when we arrived. Becca and Casey danced all night (photos to prove it below).

Love these two!!!

From Becca:

“Casey and I actually went to high school together but ran in completely different circles! As Case likes to put it, ‘she was the popular cheerleader with all the friends and I was the kid admiring her from afar!’ Fast forward 4 years to Thanksgiving Eve. (one of our favorite holidays) at Chris Michael’s – a local club in our hometown. I was out with some of my best friends, who are now bridesmaids, while Case was out with all of his guy friends. A mutual friend of ours who I hadn’t seen in while walked over to bar to invite my friends and I over to their VIP area for some drinks. While hanging out and dancing all night long Casey kept trying to dance with me. I stayed close to my girls but would sneak in a quick dance with him every now and then. As the night went on Casey offered me a drink but I quickly giggled and said ‘no thank you’ as we had bottle service. As the night went on we found ourselves mingling a bit more. Just as I was about to go Casey took out his phone and said he had a question for me. I, like most girls, assumed that he was asking for my number, but boy was I wrong! He instead showed me the cutest picture of his 8 week old German Shepard puppy (he know I was the ultimate animal lover!) and then asked, ‘so what kind of dog food do you feed your dog?!’ I have to admit I did respond with a laugh and then ‘blue buffalo!’ – but before I knew it our ride was there to pick us up. We never did get one another’s numbers that night, but thank goodness for FB messenger and all those cute puppy pictures!”

Casey proposed Memorial Day Weekend 2021 & its was POURING!! We had plans to spend the day with my family at my aunt and uncle’s beach house even though the weather was horrible. After moping around the house all morning and trying to get out of going, Casey convinced me to change out of my sweaty gym clothes and head down the shore. The entire ride down I complained about the weather and how I missed the sun. Case was silent, which I thought was weird, but also thought he was sick of my complaining! After arriving at the shore house everyone was hanging out and enjoying one another’s company despite the weather. About a half hour in my dad said ‘Bec, Nanny wants to talk to you, go sit with her’. I quickly ran over to my Nan and said ‘Hello!’ She said ‘Oh hi Bec’, but then continued her conversation with my aunt. Just as I was thinking – hmmm that’s weird – all of my family started to come into the living room (at the time I thought NOTHING of it as we’re incredibly close & always on top of one another) next thing I knew Casey was down on one knee and I was in complete and utter shock! From what they all tell me my first response was ‘ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!’ followed by an immediate “YES!!!”


Photography: Kelly Sea Images | Venue: The Mill Lakeside Manor | Videography: Bucket List Films | Florals: Full Sun Floral | Make-Up: Faces by Jackie | Hair: Hairstyles By Charlotte | Bride’s Gown: Send Couture | DJ: Limitless Entertainment

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