Golden Engagement Photos at Fisherman’s Cove

Whenever I start to really get into making blog posts again I always get super overwhelmed on where to start! I was looking thru everything I had shot for 2022 (close to 230 sessions between weddings, engagements, and families) and my eyes rested on Shannon, Tommy, and their adorable blonde doggo Honey! My favorite part of this session was Tommy picking up Honey in their signature hold (see last photo). Also Honey’s expressions throughout this session are the actual best (so much tounge-out, happy smile, dog joy).

We got a perfect evening at Fisherman’s Cove for this session in very early April. I remember it being one of the first sessions of the year where it was super comfortable to be on the beach (if you know me, you know this is *always* a relief).

Shannon and Tommy are getting married at The Hamilton Manor this August! It’s going to be such a good wedding and I can’t wait!

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