Long Beach Island Engagement Photographer

February 10, 2020

I swear I know every single street on Long Beach Island by this point in my photography career! As much as there are some gorgeous stretches of beach along the entire island, I recommend Barnegat Light for photo sessions over and over again. Mostly because it’s incredibly versatile and there are so many different options that all give different vibes to the photos.

I love the trails that climb along the east side of the park and offer a superb view of the lighthouse, ocean and jetty (plus they are perfect if you need a little shelter from a west, north, or south wind) – and I also love the basin right in front of the lighthouse because you get beautiful light and an awesome lighthouse view (and sometimes the coolest tidepools).

Deni and Chris are getting married this coming June at the beautiful Ryland Inn (I am so excited for their day to just get here already), and I get to work with Copper and Chloe – one of my favorite planners! Deni is my kind of girl and I love that she wore heels for a portion of these photos and we got away with them for a beachy session (a challenge, but well worth it). I was also obsessed with both of her outfits. I always recommend pastel colors and flow fabrics for beach sessions because you so often get a breeze and the movement can be gorgeous! The odds are that we will also get some glowing light – which always looks amazing paired with pastel colors.

It was just a little windy for this session but I loved the effect that it had on these photos!

Location: Barnegat Light State Park, Long Beach Island

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